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Tuesday, 18 May 2010 11:47
Tourists at Spanish Steps, Rome, Italy

Tourists at Spanish Steps, Rome, Italy, Image by howardignatius via Flickr

The Tourist Database is a tourism social network where users can contribute with information, reviews, and even rating locations according to safety, shopping, nightlife, sightseeing. Get involved. The Tourist Database is a free project. Our goal is helping tourists and travellers worldwide by providing as much information as we can.

The Tourist Database contains travel and tourism information, city reviews, rating systems, and a forum for every nation on Earth. Our website is brand new, but it is growing fast.

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In order to use the Tourist Database, you must first register. Click on Create an Account, enter a user name and a password. You will get an email from us with a link you must follow in order to activate your  account. Once you are fully registered, you can add reviews, rate cities, countries, and regions, and you can even add pictures and videos.

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Alto Pelado is a village and municipality in San Luis Province in central Argentina. It's known in t...


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