• Best Train Journeys (Part 1)
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    Best Train Journeys (Part 1)

    A train journey can be an unforgettable experience, romantic, scenic, adventurous, relaxing, all from the comfort of your seat. Let's face it, travelling by plane is fast, but it is also stressful, with dozens of passengers that are way too close to you for comfort, and once you are twenty thousand feet above the ground, there isn't much you can see by looking through the window. When you travel by train, you can relax and enjoy looking at landscapes before reaching your destination. A train journey can last a few hours, or it can last a few days. It can be as cheap as a movie ticket, or it can cost as much as a luxury cruise. There are many exceptional train rides around the world. We are going to show you some of the most unforgettable. Some of them are cheap while others are expensive. Some of them are a little rustic and may even feel like you have travelled back in time.

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