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Beibei District (simplified Chinese: 北碚区; traditional Chinese: 北碚區; pinyin: Běibèi Qū) is a district in the Chongqing municipality, People's Republic of China. A satellite town in the north of central Chongqing, Beibei got its name because of the huge rock that extends to the middle of Jialing River, and is known for its historical culture in the period of the Republic of China, beautiful sceneries, and clean streets. It covers around 755 square kilometers and has a population of about 0.65 millions (2004).[citation needed]
Population: 112,019
Timezone: Asia/Chongqing
Beibei Coordinates (latitude, longitude): 29.8273900, 106.4364500
Beibei Global 30 Arc-Second Elevation: 230 meter(s)

Region: Chongqing

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