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Avenida Central, Panama:

Avenida Central


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Avenida Central is a street in Panama.

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Timezone: America/Panama
Avenida Central Coordinates (latitude, longitude): 8.9735900, -79.5358700
Avenida Central Elevation: 23 meter(s)

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Avenida Central Nearby Landmarks/Attractions:

Fuerte San Lorenzo,
Fuerte San Lorenzo

The distance between Avenida Central and Fuerte San Lorenzo is approximately 40 mile(s)

Los Chorros de Trinidad,
Los Chorros de Trinidad

The distance between Avenida Central and Los Chorros de Trinidad is approximately 31 mile(s)

Old Panama,
Old Panama

The distance between Avenida Central and Old Panama is approximately 4 mile(s)

Via Espana,
Via Espana
Also a street

The distance between Avenida Central and Via Espana is approximately 1 mile(s)

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Country: Panama

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