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Larnaca, Cyprus:

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Larnaca (Greek: ?; Turkish: Larnaka) is a city on the southern coast of Cyprus, the third largest after Nicosia and Limassol, with an urban population of 77,902 (2011), and capital of the eponymous district. The island's largest airport, Larnaca International Airport, is located on the outskirts of the city to the south. The port of Larnaca and the marina are two of the four official entry points by sea to Cyprus. The city is known for its palm tree seafront, foinikoudes (Cypriot Greek: ?).
Population: 51,468
Larnaca Coordinates (latitude, longitude): 34.95, 33.9167
Approximate number of cities in Larnaca: 71
Larnaca airport


Larnaca International Airport
Distance: 17.32 Miles (27.88 KM)
Ercan International Airport (Nicosia)
Distance: 27.68 Miles (44.54 KM)

Larnaca Nearby Landmarks/Attractions:

Aphrodite's Temple
ancient site
Ayios Mamas, Larnaca
Ayios Mamas
Ayios Mamas, Larnaca
Ayios Mamas

Cities in Larnaca:

Country: Cyprus

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