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T'bilisi, Georgia:

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Tbilisi (Georgian: ? [t?b?ilisi] ( listen)), formerly known as Tiflis, is the capital and the largest city of Georgia, lying on the banks of the Mtkvari River with a population of roughly 1.5 million inhabitants. Founded in the 5th century by the monarch of Georgia's ancient precursor Kingdom of Iberia, Tbilisi has served, with various intervals, as Georgia's capital for more than a thousand years. Under the Russian rule, the city was the seat of the Tsar's viceroy and has served, from 1801 to 1917, as the Imperial capital of the entire Caucasus, including Georgia's current neighbors.
Area: 726.00 km2
Population: 1,473,550
T'bilisi Coordinates (latitude, longitude): 41.7167, 44.8333
Approximate number of cities in T'bilisi: 8
Tbilisi airport


Tbilisi International Airport (Tbilisi)
Tbilisi train/bus station

Train/Bus Stations:

Tbilisi Railway station (Tbilisi)
Rustavi Railway Station (Rustavi)
Distance: 14.66 Miles (23.6 KM)
Marneuli Railway Station (Marneuli)
Distance: 15.89 Miles (25.57 KM)

Cities in T'bilisi:

Country: Georgia

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