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Roraima, Brazil:

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Roraima (Pemon: roro imã, "Parrot + Mount(s)" i.e. "Green Peak", Portuguese pronunciation: [?oajm?]) is the northernmost and least populated state of Brazil, located in the Amazon region. It borders the states of Amazonas and Pará, as well as the nations of Venezuela and Guyana. The population is approximately 450,000 (2010) and the capital is Boa Vista. Roraima is the Brazilian state with the fewest municipalities, 15 in total.
Area: 224,298.00 km2
Population: 469,524
Roraima Coordinates (latitude, longitude): 1, -61
Approximate number of cities in Roraima: 273

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Cachoeira Paca, Roraima
Cachoeira Paca

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Country: Brazil

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