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Veneto, Italy:

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Veneto (/?ve?nto?/ or /?v?n?to?/, Italian: [?vneto]) or Venetia /vni?/ – Latin: Venetia; Venetian: Vèneto; also called (formerly) Venezia Euganea – is one of the twenty regions of Italy. Its population is about five million, ranking fifth in Italy. The region's capital and largest city is Venice.
Area: 18,399.00 km2
Population: 4,912,440
Veneto Coordinates (latitude, longitude): 45.5, 11.75
Approximate number of cities in Veneto: 2093
Veneto airport


Padova Airport (Padova)
Vicenza Airport (Vicenza)
Distance: 11.82 Miles (19.02 KM)
Istrana Air Base (Treviso)
Distance: 20.55 Miles (33.07 KM)
Treviso-Sant'Angelo Airport (Treviso)
Distance: 23.81 Miles (38.33 KM)

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Palazzon, Veneto

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Country: Italy

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