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Flevoland, Netherlands:

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Flevoland (Dutch: [?fle?vol?nt] ( listen)) is a province of the Netherlands. Located in the centre of the country, at the location of the former Zuiderzee, the province was established on January 1, 1986; the twelfth province of the country, with Lelystad as its capital. The province has approximately 394,758 inhabitants (2011[update]) and consists of 6 municipalities.
Population: 368,224
Flevoland Coordinates (latitude, longitude): 52.5333, 5.66667
Approximate number of cities in Flevoland: 26

Flevoland Nearby Landmarks/Attractions:

De Naald, Flevoland
De Naald
Nijenbeek, Flevoland
Oud Naarden, Flevoland
Oud Naarden

Cities in Flevoland:

Country: Netherlands

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