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Leiria, Portugal:

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Leiria (Portuguese pronunciation: [l?ji.?]) is a city in Leiria Municipality in the Centro Region of Portugal. It is the capital of Leiria District. The city proper has 50,200 inhabitants and the entire municipality has nearly 130,000. It is the seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Leiria-Fátima.
Population: 126,879
Leiria Coordinates (latitude, longitude): 39.6667, -8.83333
Approximate number of cities in Leiria: 1166
Leiria airport


Monte Real Air Base (Monte Real)
Distance: 11.53 Miles (18.56 KM)
Tancos Airbase (Tancos)
Distance: 28.26 Miles (45.48 KM)

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Country: Portugal

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