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Viseu, Portugal:

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Viseu (Portuguese pronunciation: [vi?zew]) is both a city (capital of Viseu District) and a municipality in the Dão-Lafões Subregion of Centro Region, Portugal. The municipality, with an area of 507.1 km2 (195.8 sq mi), has a population of 99,593 (2011), and the city proper has around 53,000. The Greater Metropolitan Area of Viseu is also one of the Grandes Áreas Metropolitanas - Greater Metropolitan Areas of Portugal with 354,162 inhabitants.
Area: 507.00 km2
Population: 99,593
Viseu Coordinates (latitude, longitude): 40.75, -7.83333
Approximate number of cities in Viseu: 1257

Cities in Viseu:

Country: Portugal

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