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Giurgiu, Romania:

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Giurgiu (Romanian pronunciation: [?djurdju]) is the capital city of Giurgiu County, Romania, in the Greater Wallachia. It is situated amid mud-flats and marshes on the left bank of the Danube facing the Bulgarian city of Ruse on the opposite bank. Three small islands face the city, and a larger one shelters its port, Smarda. The rich grain-growing land to the north is traversed by a railway to Bucharest, the first line opened in Romania, which was built in 1869 and afterwards extended to Smarda. Giurgiu exports timber, grain, salt and petroleum, and imports coal, iron, and textiles.
Population: 54,655
Giurgiu Coordinates (latitude, longitude): 44.1667, 25.9167
Approximate number of cities in Giurgiu: 204

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Country: Romania

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