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Kvemo Kartli
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Kvemo Kartli (Lower Kartli, Georgian: ? , Azerbaijani: A?a Kartli) is a historic province and current administrative region (Mkhare) in southeastern Georgia. The city of Rustavi is a regional capital. The population is mixed between Azeris (45.1%), Georgians (44.7%), Armenians, Pontic Greeks and Caucasus Greeks, Russians and others. The current governor is Davit Kirkitadze.
The region comprises one city, Rustavi, and six municipalities:
Area: 6,528.00 km2
Population: 511,300
Kvemo Kartli Coordinates (latitude, longitude): 41.5167, 44.5167
Approximate number of cities in Kvemo Kartli: 17
Kvemo Kartli airport


Tbilisi International Airport (Tbilisi)
Distance: 24.97 Miles (40.18 KM)
Kvemo Kartli train/bus station

Train/Bus Stations:

Marneuli Railway Station (Marneuli)
Distance: 15.14 Miles (24.37 KM)
Tbilisi Railway station (Tbilisi)
Distance: 20.31 Miles (32.68 KM)
Rustavi Railway Station (Rustavi)
Distance: 26.13 Miles (42.05 KM)

Cities in Kvemo Kartli:

Country: Georgia

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